DNA barcoder


Input reference file
Analysis selection

How to use this page

Multiple forms of analyses can be performed on this page. Required settings depend on the selected analysis.

Taxonomic distribution

For the taxonomic distribution analysis a FASTA file with taxonomy names is required. This needs to be given in the FASTA headers with following format:
>ID_NAME k__kingdom;p__phylum;c__class;o__order;f__family;s__species
>MH854570 k__Fungi;p__Ascomycota;c__Sordariomycetes;o__Hypocreales;f__Nectriaceae;g__Fusarium;s__Fusarium_equiseti

Similarity matrix

For the calculation of the similarity matrix a minimum sequence alignment length is required. The default for this setting is 400. It is however recommended lowering this when working with smaller barcodes. When using short sequences such as ITS2 sequences it is recommended to use 50.